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Expert Tips by DasWeltAuto
Car Selling Tips
1. Add Value to your car

A good conditioned, neat and clean car always fetches a good price. Hence, ensure to get the car cleaned from inside and outside thoroughly. Get the minor repairs done such as replacement of broken mirrors, head lamps, tail lamps, wipers etc. Get the small scratches repainted, if you have the time. Ensure the car doesn’t have any mechanical defects such as engine misfiring, jerking, suspension noise, body rattling. The tyre should be properly inflated, polished. Remove the torn, stained seat covers. See to that air conditioning is cooling properly.

2. Car Documents

Keep your car documents such as Registration Certificate, Insurance Policy, tax certificate, NOC from financier, vehicle service bills etc ready for the reference of the buyer. Ensure that the car is having a comprehensive insurance coverage. Cars with original registration certificate again fetches a better price in the market.

3. Evaluation

Always get the car evaluated physically by the manufacturer backed Pre-Owned Car Outlet, such as Das WeltAuto, rather than relying upon the phone conversation or online portals, as physical evaluation helps you in getting the price your car deserves. Das WeltAuto uses an advanced Evaluation process with the help of mobile apps, which ensures fast evaluation and accurate pricing.

4. Reliable buyer

Always sell your car to a reliable buyer. Ensure the buyer, if an individual, is a known person to you or your close acquaintances. The best part would be to sell to the manufacturer backed Pre-Owned Car Outlet, such as Das WeltAuto, where the entire transaction goes smoothly, with all the required documentation, and high level of transparency etc. At Das WeltAuto, we buy your car instantly, once our offered price is accepted by you.

5. Speak about your car

While showing the car to the prospective buyer, speak out about your car. Speak about the car driven by a single person, the maintenance done at the authorized service centers, timely periodic maintenance services carried out, fuel efficiency, long drive pleasure and the last but not the least is accessories fitted in the car etc. Mention specifically if your car is still under manufacturer’s warranty and has road side assistance. See to that, you give the demonstration of the car in the day light so as to enable the prospective buyer, to look at all the good things in the car.

6. Transaction Documentation

Selling a used car involves lot of risk, as proper ownership transfer need to happen, failure of which, the seller may have to suffer a lot in the future. Hence, before the actual ownership transfer happens in RTO, some basic documental formalities have to happen between the buyer and seller. Here, the “ Trust “ factor of Das WeltAuto, plays an important role as the sellers get indemnified from any sort of post sales implications with the proper documentation.

7. Instant payment

In case you are selling the car to an individual, always insist on full payment in one go, on the delivery of the car, and make a proper receipts.

8. Ownership transfer

Remember to get the ownership of your car transferred on the buyers name immediately after selling the car, in order to protect yourself from the future legal implications. In this case, selling the car to Das WeltAuto is a complete peace of mind, as Das WeltAuto ensures to give you a copy of registration certificate duly transferred on the buyer’s name.

9. Upgrade to a bigger & better car

Das WeltAuto ensures to give you a copy of registration certificate duly transferred on.