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Fuel Saving

Other than the car condition, there are various other parameters which affect the fuel efficiency of the car. Please refer the points below, which will help you to get more kilometers from every liter of fuel spent.

  1. Adequate tyre pressure – Always ensure to keep the adequate air pressure in the tyres as per the manufacturer’s recommendation, as low air pressure affects the initial pick up, and acceleration while driving. Always check the tyre pressure in the morning before driving the car much, as tyres and inside air get heated up with driving and gives us incorrect tyre air pressure reading.
  2. Good condition Tyres – Ensure that the tyres are in good condition, i.e. not worn out totally, as worn out tyres loses the grip on the road and thus again affects the initial pick up, and acceleration while driving.
  3. Well-functioning engine – See to that, the engine is in proper working condition i.e. not misfiring or not jerking, and no engine related warning light is glowing.
  4. Periodic Maintenance Service – Ensure that the vehicle is “ Periodic Maintenance Services “ are done on time as per the manufacturer’s recommendation, which will take care of replacement of all filters, spark plugs, engine oil etc on time, which helps the engine to function properly.
  5. Clutch - Ensure that the clutch is also engaging and dis-engaging properly, as slippery clutch reduces the power transmission from engine to wheels and thus increases the fuel consumption.
  6. Quality of fuel – Always keep a watch on the quality of fuel, as poor quality ( adulterated ) fuel, affects the fuel efficiency.
  7. Driving condition – Frequent stopping, sudden stopping, sudden acceleration, high speed driving, in-appropriate gear shifting, and frequent clutch operation affects the fuel efficiency of the car, which could be the result of either the bad traffic conditions or the bad driving habit. Always try and maintain the speed between 60 to 80 kmph to get the highest fuel efficiency through proper driving. In case of highly dense traffic the fuel efficiency will be low, because of above mentioned parameters. Shift the gears according to the speed, i.e. 1st to 2nd – 10 kmph, 2nd to 3rd – 20 kmph, 3rd to 4th – 30 kmph, and 4th to 5th – 40 kmph.
  8. Prolonged idling – Switch off the engine at the signals, looking at the waiting time, as idling engine consumes more fuel than the normal driving and also during idling the vehicle actually doesn’t move.