Expert Tips

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Expert Tips by DasWeltAuto
Seller Guide
Ensure you are going to a reliable person
  • Always contact a reliable establishment for selling your car . It is recommended to go to a authorized Used Car showroom.
Good Maintenance
  • Good maintenance ensures better price.
  • Always service your car as per service schedule in a authorized workshop.
Service History
  • Keep all service bill with you at the time of evaluation of your car.
  • Always get your car evaluated physically . No evaluation over phone , it gives average price. Clean & washing.
Clean & washing
  • Clean & wash your car carefully before getting evaluated.
No park & Sell
  • Do not hand over your Car and all papers to dealer without taking full payment.
Delivery Receipt
  • Always take delivery receipt before handing over your car to a dealer. Dealers signature and stamp should be there on your delivery receipt.
Transfer of Registration
  • Keep contact with dealer for getting duplicate copy of transferred Registration Certificate(RC). Keep this copy for future reference.