Das WeltAuto Advantages

Certified pre-owned

An easy selling and
exchange process

Attractive finance

Advantages of Selling your car to Das WeltAuto
  • A transparent pricing mechanism through digital evaluation
  • Be assured of a hassle-free transfer of ownership.
  • Enjoy a quick disbursement process.
  • Know the estimated value of your car in just 3 minutes
  • Get your car assessed and get a professional valuation for free.
Advantages of buying a pre-owned car from Das WeltAuto
  • With Das WeltAuto enjoy a systematic process and hassle-free transfer of ownership.
  • Enjoy up to 90% financing and customised financial offerings when you choose to buy a car.
  • Every pre-owned car undergoes a comprehensive multi-point inspection. Afterall, earning a Das Welt certification is no piece of cake.
  • The refurbishment of these cars is done by Volkswagen trained technicians. Genuine parts are used in this process to ensure you only experience the car at its best.
  • Test drive the vehicle you choose to own before opting to buy it.
  • Buy a pre-owned Volkswagen and avail special privileges and service offers.
  • With warranty options available for cars of all brands, we’ll ensure we have you covered.
  • Add a touch of you to your new car. Tell us how you’d like to customise your new car and we’ll have it done for you..
Benefits of exchanging your car when upgrading to a Volkswagen
  • Know the estimated value of your car in just 3 minutes.
  • Get your car assessed and get a professional valuation report for free.
  • Avail exclusive offers and benefits on choosing to upgrade to a Volkswagen.
  • Be assured of a transparent pricing mechanism through digital evaluation.
  • Enjoy hassle free transfer of ownership and a quick disbursement process.
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Whenever a customer is interested in buying a new car from Volkswagen, he/she can trade-in their old car in exchange of a new one. This can also be done at Das WeltAuto showrooms.

Finance Options

Das WeltAuto customers have access to attractive finance options through our dealers. Finance options is offered by dealers and finance is offered at sole discretion of banks.

Technical Quality Check

We check each and every car exhaustively.This is the only way to ensure the quality of Das WeltAuto cars.Every car goes through a detailed 160 points checklist during the evaluation process as a part of our standard process.

Professional Vehicle Reconditioning

We make sure that every Das WeltAuto car undergoes thorough professional reconditioning process before it is put up for sale.Only genuine parts are used for the refurbishment process.

Pre-owned car Warranty

We pass out confidence on to our customer in the form of warranty. It protects customers against significant performance risk. Without exception, all Das WeltAuto certified Volkswagen cars will hold comprehensive warranty along with selected other brand cars also.

Vehicle Customisation

Besides vehicle reconditioning, vehicle customisation is a good opportunity to increase the attractiveness of the car and also cater to individual customer needs. Customers can choose from the range of accessories that we offer.

Mobility Guarantee

Customers are ensured with complete peace of mind to cater to situations which are unexpected. We offer roadside assistance on our cars which will help customers face uneventful situations on road

Transfer Convenience

We offer customers ease of pre-owned business paperwork and also give them assurance that their car can be transferred to them without any hassle